Friday, February 11, 2011

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat i thought midway went under but they died and went to the 'Nether Realm' i guess. Hopefully the bloody popcorn doesn't return, that was gay. Apparently Warner Brothers picked up the designers from midway and Nether Realm is the spiritual successor of Midway. The game is goes back to its roots as a 2D fighter which i think is cool. PlayStation 3 offers 3D support but not for Xbox 360 which i personally think is just a gimmick. The Game has a release date for spring 2011 and we shall see it Mortal Kombat is good again

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Duke Nukem

I don't know if anyone is excited about this game anymore. Duke Nukem Forever has been coming soon for about more than a decade now. I never really was a fan of the series but i am certainly curious about this game but i am not excited. I have friends who nostalgia over this game, ha i wish i could have that feeling. Since this game was out first person shooters have dramatically changed. I hope they can bring something new to the table. Considering the addition of Xbox live and PlayStation network, gamers are expecting multi-player for their hard earn sixty dollars. They say that the game will be released in May 2011 but we will see. Don't hold your breath i would say but well see

Monday, February 7, 2011

Devil May Cry 5


I noticed that this series tries to reinvent itself every game. Devil may Cry was an older Dante who seemed more stronger than the others. Dmc2 introduced a female named Lucia which many people did not like this game. Dmc3 introduced a younger Dante and Virgil and Dante's infamous nipple strap leather jacket. And Nero in Dmc4 yeah whose this guy? But in this game we see a Dante with black hair and he is now a hipster...Lol OK lets see how this game goes but i personally don't mind him being a hipster because I'm kinda a hipster myself. But for die hard fans may be disappointed in where this series going but im sure they aren't making crap for the sake of making crap. The release date isnt announced yet but i suspect it will come out in October or November but yeah hopefully soon so people can be trolled by hipster Dante and his justin beiber harcut.

Worst Map/Best map

Toujane Call of Duty 2
Hello again its me and i was just thinking about the worst map in my opinion was Brecourt,France from Call of duty 2. I remember everyone complaining about this map and about the snipers/campers chilling in houses and random places. This map was boring compared to the other maps toujane,tunisia was everyone's unofficial favorite because of the rooftop warfare. I felt like spider-man jumping from roof to roof and kicking peoples butts.
Calypso's casino is my all time favorite map from any shooter, lots of memories on this map. I spent an entire summer playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas. The reason why i liked this map was because this map had three levels. The vault level with lots of places to hide behind hind and a desperate fight to get the package from the vault. A middle level where you could camp the enemies spawn or camp the elevators to be a jerk.  A roof where you sit on rappels and shoot people as they left their spawns, I remember many epic battles on the roof. One time me and my friends decided to use shields and sit on the stairs and pretended to be Spartans fighting the Persians. Yeah don't ask lol.

But yeah if you never played this game you should check it out its on like 13 dollars new and like under 5 dollars used on amazon .com. So yeah

Sunday, February 6, 2011

How long has the orange box been released? Years ago if I'm not mistaken so why isn't there an update for the console version of this game? Ive heard rumors circulating about an update for xbox360 but that was months ago i was probably being trolled online perhaps. There is still a dedicated fan base on xbl but i guess valve doesn't really care about us:(. In the mean time i guess i will just lock classes and laugh at people complaining. I want to be able to trade hats too... lol not really but a few new maps and weapons would be so lovely . I would buy the orange box on PC if i had one strong enough. But most likely there will not be an update for the consoles because valve is infamous for procrastinating so I'm not holding my breath. I guess ill just have to pony up cash to buy a better PC if i want to get my team fortress fix/

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zone of the enders 3?

I hear that Kojima’s studio has considered making another long awaited sequel to the Series know as Zone of the Enders. Zone of the Enders is a mech type game set in space and a vessel is piloted by two pilots over two different games. The “Second Runner” was the game’s sequel which gained the series more fans. Cut scenes featured anime that gave the character a personality. This game is considered rare so good luck if you’re trying to find a copy of this game. Many rumors began to brew after a dream sequence Easter egg in Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater.

If you played with the clock or something in the game you were allowed to play as a guy who had hook swords fighting creatures that seemed like zombie cops. The Easter egg watered a lot of fans mouths and we all thought that a future Zone of the Enders game was right around the corner but unfortunately we were wrong.  Konami will work on a game but they are waiting until they are finished with other big name games such as Metal Gear: Rising. I am guessing that Konami is a small studio and they don’t plan to half ass a game as epic as Zone of The Enders. I can wait because I rather play a game that is made with love than a game that is rushed.
Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two worlds will soon be released in a few days, anyone else having nostalgiagasms like me? This game will be released on PlayStation3 and Xbox360 on February 15, 2011. This game has less characters that Marvel Vs Capcom 2 but expect down-loadable content in the future of course. This game adds so many characters you can expect cameos from the like of; Viewtiful Joe, Wesker from Resident Evil, and Dante from Devil May Cry. They are in the game but are 3D but not drawn in 2D all characters are 3D actually. This game I predict will be very successful just as Super/Street Fighter VI. At the moment I think the only fighting games being released are by Capcom so they own the monopoly. It is a slap to the face of Japanese people because we actually get the game before them so HA to the Japanese. So hope to see people playing this the next time I sign to Xbox Live

The actual damage for weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The stats in the game are not true to the weapon due to patches and exploits and etc. But the amount of kills you will get is dependent upon how skilled you are with a weapon. I mix up weapons because I believe I mastered most so I know a thing or two about good weapon combination. For the M-16 I suggest a holographic sight because idle sway is eliminated while using. For the ak47 I highly suggest a silencer, FMJ isn't a bad choice either but the silencer reduces muzzle flash. The ak47 is a strong enough weapon and the silencer doesn't reduce damage. For the ACR I suggest FMJ, it doesn't add damage but maybe the combination of stopping power is an exploit that increases power. The iron sight of the ACR is usable so I wouldn't worry about a sight. If you really want to use a sight I suggest a holographic sight. I find it easy to line up head shots with this scope. The FAL with the holographic and silencer attachments is another exploit; it doesn't take more than two shots to kill someone with it. The scar is a broken weapon so the silencer is a good choice. By broken I mean extremely over powered. Sub machines are crappy so use at your own risk, I only suggest the ump or the vector. The ump is broken also so silence it up kid; I've seen people snipe with a silenced vector so I'm guessing it’s broken also. IF YOU THERMAL SNIPE try using it on light machine guns they don’t lose damage over distance and if someone is shooting at you if they are hit by your spray they their screen jerks upward slightly.