Monday, February 7, 2011

Worst Map/Best map

Toujane Call of Duty 2
Hello again its me and i was just thinking about the worst map in my opinion was Brecourt,France from Call of duty 2. I remember everyone complaining about this map and about the snipers/campers chilling in houses and random places. This map was boring compared to the other maps toujane,tunisia was everyone's unofficial favorite because of the rooftop warfare. I felt like spider-man jumping from roof to roof and kicking peoples butts.
Calypso's casino is my all time favorite map from any shooter, lots of memories on this map. I spent an entire summer playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas. The reason why i liked this map was because this map had three levels. The vault level with lots of places to hide behind hind and a desperate fight to get the package from the vault. A middle level where you could camp the enemies spawn or camp the elevators to be a jerk.  A roof where you sit on rappels and shoot people as they left their spawns, I remember many epic battles on the roof. One time me and my friends decided to use shields and sit on the stairs and pretended to be Spartans fighting the Persians. Yeah don't ask lol.

But yeah if you never played this game you should check it out its on like 13 dollars new and like under 5 dollars used on amazon .com. So yeah

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