Monday, March 28, 2011

Resident Evil : Operation Racoon City

Resident Evil fans may have a bone to pick with developers …

Recently information has been released for a new resident evil game titled Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. This game is for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and expected to be release around winter 2011.

We don't go to Raccoon City...
The game takes you back to Raccoon City to the original outbreak around the time line between RE3&RE3: Nemesis. Unlike other RE, this game is a team based shooter but still has survival horror elements. Players can choose from three factions; members of the Umbrella Security Services squad, the US Spec Ops, and the "bio-organic weapon monsters (BOWs).  The object of the games is for each faction to eliminate each other.

This game has an external developer by the name of SlantSix. These developers are known for the game series United States Special Operations Command or (SOCOM). This is very different from what fans of the series are used to but maybe this will be innovative.

I’ll keep you posted …

Friday, March 25, 2011

Metal Gear Solid Rising: Lightning Bolt Action


Metal Gear Solid  Rising is the latest game for consoles due sometime in 2012 by Kojima Productions.

Metal Gear Solid  Rising is not the work of Kojima himself; he is only executive producer of the project because all of his attention is towards the “Peace Walker” project for play station portable.

MGsR is different from other games in the series in many ways, the game still focuses on stealth but you more or less hunt your enemies actively.  The engine is rebuilt and is different from the previous MGS because the Xbox is not capable of running the same game engine as MGS4. The game uses a bullet time system in which it allows the player to control a blue plane with an orange bar that appears against the victim.
The game is expected to be released sometime in 2012 possibly Quarter4.

This game will be available for Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 consoles and I will keep this post updated with any information

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello, how is everyone doing? Playing video games much? Hopefully I will get crisis 2 soon for the xbox 360 and I will review it and tell you whats its like. And if anyone is curious about any video games let me know because I have an extensive library since I collect video games. Thanks for the reads and comments, it is greatly appreciated that you take time to read my post.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to rank up fast in battle feild bad company 2

I know battle field bad company 2 is old but its new to me so i noticed the best way to rank up fast is to be a medic. Medics are awesome lol i love medics and you should too. But i also noticed that if you are an engineer you should unlock anti tank mines and spam anti tank mines everywhere. Make sure that you equip the grenade upgrade before you start your spam assault, you'll get like 7 mines and create a mini d-day. One mine will usually kill a tank and 9 times out of ten there will be two people in a tank so you'll pick up multi-kills. You'll get a shit load of points and they will cascade and you'll get a lot of pins and such. Just be aggressive too, this inst call of duty so don't worry about your k/d ratio, just go balls out like i do and you'll pick up a lot of pins and weapon medals. Another dirty way to rank up fast is to use the assault class and pick a weapon in which it allows you to use C4 and just stamp them on an ATV and crash it into the mcom and blow it up. Then after you blow it up just drop an ammo box and pray no one kills you. This requires a little skill to pull this off successfully lol so good luck. Its dirty but it works but you're gay for trying it but it works nonetheless. But yeah i cant wait for battlefield 3 to be released because i will mine the hell out of the jet runways. Get my troll on and such

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to back up your Xbox 360 games

YOU WILL NEED YOUR XBOX 360 FLASHED before you attempt to back up your games. If you know how to open your xbox and have the required tools you can attempt to flash your games yourself. If you do not know what your doing do not attempt to open your xbox because you will void your warranty. Here is an instructional video if you want to try yourself but i recommend you ask around if anyone knows how to flash a xbox.

Video Here

Once your xbox is flashed you will need two programs for burning your game back ups. A program named abgx360 to stealth your games and a writing program named imgburn to burn the dvd file. You will need dual layer disc

...anything else wont work. When you download your game from a torrent site you must first run the ISO. file trough abgx360 to stealth the game so you can play online you don't have to do this but you will get banned you have been warned.
After you have the ISO stealth you have to burn the dvd file to the dual layer disc but make sure you computer can burn dual layer disc. If you are using a laptop that was made by 2009 you should be find burn make sure before you start burning games and wasting your time

Enjoy but don't break any copy right laws.