Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to back up your Xbox 360 games

YOU WILL NEED YOUR XBOX 360 FLASHED before you attempt to back up your games. If you know how to open your xbox and have the required tools you can attempt to flash your games yourself. If you do not know what your doing do not attempt to open your xbox because you will void your warranty. Here is an instructional video if you want to try yourself but i recommend you ask around if anyone knows how to flash a xbox.

Video Here

Once your xbox is flashed you will need two programs for burning your game back ups. A program named abgx360 to stealth your games and a writing program named imgburn to burn the dvd file. You will need dual layer disc

...anything else wont work. When you download your game from a torrent site you must first run the ISO. file trough abgx360 to stealth the game so you can play online you don't have to do this but you will get banned you have been warned.
After you have the ISO stealth you have to burn the dvd file to the dual layer disc but make sure you computer can burn dual layer disc. If you are using a laptop that was made by 2009 you should be find burn make sure before you start burning games and wasting your time

Enjoy but don't break any copy right laws.


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