Monday, February 7, 2011

Devil May Cry 5


I noticed that this series tries to reinvent itself every game. Devil may Cry was an older Dante who seemed more stronger than the others. Dmc2 introduced a female named Lucia which many people did not like this game. Dmc3 introduced a younger Dante and Virgil and Dante's infamous nipple strap leather jacket. And Nero in Dmc4 yeah whose this guy? But in this game we see a Dante with black hair and he is now a hipster...Lol OK lets see how this game goes but i personally don't mind him being a hipster because I'm kinda a hipster myself. But for die hard fans may be disappointed in where this series going but im sure they aren't making crap for the sake of making crap. The release date isnt announced yet but i suspect it will come out in October or November but yeah hopefully soon so people can be trolled by hipster Dante and his justin beiber harcut.


  1. Nothing beats good old Dante, i don't think this new guy gets much appreciation

  2. sadly. i like the new dante and he more or less, just looks like a punk not a hipster. i think he is just a rougher, skinnier hardcore serious version of dante.