Saturday, February 5, 2011

The actual damage for weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The stats in the game are not true to the weapon due to patches and exploits and etc. But the amount of kills you will get is dependent upon how skilled you are with a weapon. I mix up weapons because I believe I mastered most so I know a thing or two about good weapon combination. For the M-16 I suggest a holographic sight because idle sway is eliminated while using. For the ak47 I highly suggest a silencer, FMJ isn't a bad choice either but the silencer reduces muzzle flash. The ak47 is a strong enough weapon and the silencer doesn't reduce damage. For the ACR I suggest FMJ, it doesn't add damage but maybe the combination of stopping power is an exploit that increases power. The iron sight of the ACR is usable so I wouldn't worry about a sight. If you really want to use a sight I suggest a holographic sight. I find it easy to line up head shots with this scope. The FAL with the holographic and silencer attachments is another exploit; it doesn't take more than two shots to kill someone with it. The scar is a broken weapon so the silencer is a good choice. By broken I mean extremely over powered. Sub machines are crappy so use at your own risk, I only suggest the ump or the vector. The ump is broken also so silence it up kid; I've seen people snipe with a silenced vector so I'm guessing it’s broken also. IF YOU THERMAL SNIPE try using it on light machine guns they don’t lose damage over distance and if someone is shooting at you if they are hit by your spray they their screen jerks upward slightly.

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